Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What's in a name?

What's in a name? Well, in this case, a lot.

You see the name of this blog is, "The PSD Guide", for a reason. The P.S.D. stands for Poor, Smart and Determined to get Rich!

Inspired by, "Memos from the Chairman", By Alan C. Greenberg, which can be puchased at www.amazon.com for a mear $10.85 (and is eligible for the super saver shipping discount), which is a book based upon the internal memos and letters written by Alan C. Greenberg, as Chairman of Bear Stearns & Co., a financial stock brokerage powerhouse in New York.
One of my favorite quotes by Alan Greenberg goes something like, 'I would rather higher someone with a PSD, over someone with an MBA, BA or AA'. In today's business world it is so hard to 'get-a-head' without a Master's Degree, a Bachelor's Degree, etc. I have encountered numerous people who discounted other's abilities, because they did not have whatever level of certification they were looking for on their resume. I do have a degree, but it would spoil the fun to list it here. *winks* Those individuals and anyone else out there who discounts another's ability without proof of their inability, are fools. That's right, I said it, Fools!

This blog will share insights, information, thoughts, ideas along with my opinions on various business strategies, problems and an infinite number of other topics; some will be focused on my experiences in or with Customer Service, Marketing, Graphics & Print, Accounting/Finance, Administration/Operations, Sales, Facilities Mgmt. and so on. Some postings will just be my rants and raves about life. I suppose it will be my job to try to make it easy for you to wade through the information and your job to hopefully glean some insight and greater knowledge from what you read than what you might have arrived at my blog with, either way, it should prove interesting. *winks*

This blog is dedicated to all those out there like myself, who are PSDs. To all those rare entreprenuers, who have the drive, ambition, passion, creativity and focus to dream their dreams of business success, while not letting anything hold them back from their personal mission of accomplishing it.

It is also dedicated to all those individuals out there who by way of their actions, words and their inate ability to teach, inspire in others the entreprenuerial spirit. As I hope, at least, some of the text and information enclosed will do for those that read this blog.


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