Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Operations - CRMGuru Article - Have CRM Vendors Ever Heard of Customer-Centricity?

I recently was published in an article, "Have CRM Vendors Ever Heard of Customer-Centricity? (What I Learned When Buying CRM Software)" on CRMGuru.com's May Edition. I hope you will all take the time to check it out

CRMGuru is a wonderful resource from the operations perspective for several reasons. First, it has tons of whitepapers which are great for documentation reference when creating reports. Second, it is excellent for information on CRM, the industry and the IN's and OUT's of the process and vendors. Third, CRMGuru has a subscriber base of approximately 200,000 readers, so it makes for a wonderful place to get your information out there from a Marketing perspective.

I thank a previous mentor of mine for getting me hooked on the statement, "Information is not valuable unless shared", so I hope you find the article of some value to you. You can easily CLICK HERE to be directed to the article or you may type in the following URL to your Internet browser:

I may at a later time discuss under the topic heading of Marketing, the how and why of getting articles published, but for now, I will just offer this article piece up for your review with hopes you find it interesting and helpful now or in the future.


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